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to blow making it colder. we saw a couple read-outs by the side of the road we saw a 33 and 28. we went north from there i think it is colder. more in a bit from santa rosa where we belief it isp÷úñ colde. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.(3wj does feel colder. i'm going to buy you a cup of coffee later if you see weather happening in the bay area we want to know about it. send us your video or photos this morning]gw people who live in a san mateo neighborhood are back home after being evacuated a woman find chemicals in her garage. the bomb squad dug a hole and detonated the materials. officials say two jars contained acid and ether. the acid is considered an
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explosive like tnt. the woman who lives there is the wife of a former chemistry teacher who passed in january. this morning southtc7' bay7ç investigators asking for the public's help in finding a person who shot at a moving car on highway 85 driving that car a u.s. marine. sheriff's office calculating trajectories of the bullets fired 1:00 yesterday afternoon the victim was driving a four door sedan with government plates. he was shocked by the sound. >> there's a pop from the back of one of his windows he pulls over and quickly discovers he's been shot at, more than once, multiple timesxd-btk someone either on the freeway or the side we haven't confirmed that yet. >> he's fine. he received no injuries. fortunately no one else was in the vehicle it >> highway 85 was shutdown in
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both directions for 45 minutes as detectives searched for evidence. police investigating fatal shooting that killed a woman who was caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. she was shot on international boulevard near 99th avenue in oakland around 7:00 last night. she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. at international and 90th. the woman was walking to a store with a relative when she was hit, nobody else was injured. police have not made any arrests. more fallout from the school tragedy in connecticut. vice president biden holds meetings today to look for ways to reduce gun violence. more shooting victims will be laid to rest. >> reporter: vice president biden is on a tight deadline get gun control proposals to president obama. today he will meet with law enforcement officers from around the country.
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the president is pressing lawmakers to reinstate a ban on military style assault weapons the rampage that left 20 children and six teachers and staff at one school dead has sparked a national debate in newton, residents have formed a new group called>xy newton united members advocating for what they call sensible gun legislation. >> 20 children are trying to show us the way. >> reporter: there will be more funerals today, services are planned for two 6-year-old girls, there will be five more funerals and six wakes with more tributes scheduled for friday and saturday there were nine funerals and wakes yesterday, including knows for teacher and principal. former sandy hook principal is coming out of retirement to lead the school at its new location in the neighboring
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town of money -- monroe. santa clara county leaders will hold a vigil tonight for the victims of the school tragedy. last night members of the sikh community gathered to offer their prayers. after a vigil in fairfield there was a discussion about issues related to the tragedy, including gun control and mental health help. the congregation is inviting people of all religions to join them for another says sunday. -- another service sunday. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage. also sign up for breaking news alerts at 4:35. this morning the fight for painter thomas kincade's 66 million dollar estate is over his estranged wife and live-in girlfriend have reached a settlement. nanette kincade and amy pinto
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have been battling since he died last april. pinto claims he left her 10 million dollars and his santa clara county estate. nanette kincade has disputed that. in a few hours california public utilities commission is set to vote on pg&e's request on an increase to pay for the two billion dollar pipeline safety plan. senator hill will urge the cpuc to adopt administrative law judge's recommendation that ratepayers pay only 55% of the cost. pg&e had originally requested customers pay more than 90%. the utility said ratepayers should pay for the majority because the upgrade is complying with new regulations. the upgrades come in the wake of the deadly pipeline explosion that destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno two years ago. 4:36. frost again on your windshield
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is likely this morning that scraper or credit card -- >> did you find one? >> yes and yes. >> meteorologist mike nicco here.q?$wn east bay valleys where we are seeing most now the reason why can't make a blanket statement and say it is colder everywhere the conditions are y$c% starting to roll in radar picking up moisture in thoseuñ(0 clouds not falling to the ground that is later during the afternoon and evening. winds also a factor in how cold it gets, we have more window this morning than we did yesterday that is helping keep temperatures up also. some areas slightly colder than yesterday, most areas not as cold. 32 inland for a median temperature at 7:00 for the bay 40 for the coast 43 mainlyo
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sunny start clouds move in during the morning, low to mid 50s by noon clouds on the increase and breezes also through the afternoon low to north bay after the sunsets at 4:55 today. friday wet, windy, tricky no matter where you go snow in the sierra, wet weather and breezy saturday and sunday. bay brs morning no problems, no metering lights traffic at the limit into san francisco first look at san mateo bridge fine on the flat section over towards foster city'wó eastbound good 14 minutes between east bay and peninsula. injury accident left lane north 880 at between stevenson and maury not seeing significant slow downs past
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the scene roadwork picked up moments ago sunol southbound 680 smooth over theh5]m sunol grade paving work on the devil slide one-way traffic control there. 4:39. paroled sex offender moves into a san francisco neighborhood. extra efforts police are making to warn people living in that area. popular vehicles put to the crash test. what you need to know about the best and worst of the bunch. >> here's this morning's tech bites. a video upgrade for the nintendo wii-u launches today organizers video streaming and dvr services into one place they will be able to chat about favorite shows via nintendo tv network. website combines social
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networking and shopping, users can log on to see favorite iz their accounts. viewers who are new to fab can visit to redeem a $10 coupon offer expires december 31st. new app puts kids in touch with santa helps parent create a video and it's time to change the way we clean.
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it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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. good thursday morning. live look from our sutro tower camera looking down on san francisco across the bay tod@áç the east bay it is clear. it is cold when you step out. frost possible in some places. [ inaudible ]
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this morning a third person is in custody in connection with the bizarre kidnapping of a south bay handyman. police say 49-year-old richard rodriguez, jr. helped abduct the man the suspects beat and threatened the victim and forced him to do low pair work for several hours he was then driven around town. the handyman escaped when the suspects stopped for snacks. police arrested a man and woman near the scene. investigators think the kidnapping may have stemmed from a dispute over previous repair work. people in san francisco are being notified of a situation. police are saying a sex offender has moved into their neighborhood south of market. 53-year-old david simons a violent registered sex offender. >> reporter: there's a flyer in every mailbox on mission
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street, alerting tenants, registered sex offender david simons just moved in. the manager is uneasy. >> i don't like it, but we are going to give it a try and see what happens. >> reporter: simons was just released after serving 24 years convicted of violent sex crimes against children under 14. >> he's classified as a sexually violent predator. parents, children have a right to be noticed. >> reporter: patty now has a picture of simons on her phone. she works next door to his hotel. >> if he's out and about, that scares me. i'm going to post his picture somehow and get it posted in our lob >> reporter: we phone david simons using a pay phone at the -- hotel and tried to speak with him. police notified neighbors. should they be concerned you are living here now?
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no comment from simons no longer on probation or parole. >> that's worse he's not being watched? he should be supervised. >> reporter: the chief says he hopes his department never has a need to contact him in the future but by law he's required to notify police if he moves from the mission. cornell bernard, abc7 news. new this morning, america's most popular get getting the worst marks in a new crash test from nhtsa. toyota's best selling 2013 camera earned a poor rating. the group says the camry's front wheel was pushed back bending the pang compartment foot well in-- the passenger compartment foot well inward. the 2013 accord received top rating of good. this is a big deal, holiday travelers encountering major weather problems.
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areas this is snow in des moines, snow started coming down yesterday and will continue until noon today. in colorado drivers are maneuvering dicey conditions. if you are traveling to or from o'hare expect delays. snow and strong winds may effect visible. >> may have delays because the planes they have to deice when temperatures get down that low. >> and that's a hub for united. possibly delays nationwide. >> degrees already started there, flight arrival delays the same storm that -- if you were trying to connect to denver yesterday. good morning, let's talk about our storm it is not here yet, high pressure dominating, clear skies from vollmer peak east bay towards emeryville, san francisco.
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a lot more cover, you can see radar shooting into the clouds, we are picking up radar returns, blues and greens, right now, no -- the air is too dry for it to make it to the highway or towards dry creek roadca(uv we'll keep an ee on it. it is keeping temperature up, temperatures in the 30s north bay now 20s in the east bay valleys, 30s and 40s for the rest of us. as we head into today, more clouds this afternoon, breezes are going to pick up, also push temperature up a little during the afternoon rain milder temperatures tonight no need to worry about frost, wet and windy friday through sunday. possibly spilling into monday morning. stubborn area of high pressure making this a slow moving system, massive system 1,000
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miles wide, huge, going to punch us, one after the other with waves of energy that will bring steady rain at sometimes, showers at other times. noon today steadier rain mendocino county by 5:00 moderate rain northwest corner of sonoma county with lighter showers sprinkles ahead for the north bay through the evening by midnight along 80 steadiest of the rain by the morning commute all of us will be dealing with rain. showers as we head into friday, still breezy, overnight friday, another sis system bringing heavy rain 4:00 saturday morning once it passes more scattered showers saturday afternoon not as many as we'll have tomorrow afternoon. rain totals up to five inches in the north bay valleys north bay mountains up to a couple of inches in the north bay valleys one to two inches around most of the bay up to
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an inch in the south bay. temperatures hold in the 50s through sunday, a break monday afternoon and tuesday and another chance of rain rolls into the forecast wednesday.dbéñ happy thursday. light in san jose 87 northbound past hp pavilion light and at the limit san rafael looking south past civic center towards lincoln avenue, a few tail lights southbound no delays over golden gate bridge. wanted to show you our traffic app, waze app in the fremont area north 880 injury accident at stevenson. no significant slowing past this accident, chp on scene hope to have it cleared shortly still out there blocking the right lane between stevenson and hour . free app to navigate -- this morning two top deputy secretaries in the state department will testify
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before congress on the attacks on the consulate in libya they will face questions about a new report that points to failures by the department for inadequate security in benghazi. ambassador stevens and two other americans died. stevens was a native here his father tells abc news the report is upsetting because it reveals nature of decisions made and not may. planning a vote today on a republican plan to avoid fiscal cliff. plan b would block tax increases from being triggered january 1st, on everyone except those who earned a million dollars a year or more. he hopes to put more pressure on president obama to make concessions. the president says the republican plan fails to provide jobless indash -- insurance for two million americans.
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if you haven't finished holiday shopping, you are in luck. the big discounts last minute shoppers can expect in the next few days. sidewalk changes in store to make the city friendly to people every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. visit us on facebook.
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good morning. where are the cars on golden gate bridge? there's one, okay. you can't see it here but it is cold out there terry mcsweeney is headed north to give us more on that. mike is following the9zhñ forec. if you are a holiday shopping procrastinator you are in luck many stores are expected to roll out savings this final weekend before christmas. shoppers can expect 70% off even high end retailers are
4:53 am
expected to slash prices. holiday sales are down 4% from last year online sales have increased a little bit. it is the season for giving the international studies academy received 51 new computers to replace computers stolen in october. local marketing agency called silver fox heard about the theft and donated the money to purchase the new computers. the head said employees chipped in. nice gift, a scarf, mittens. >> terry mcsweeney was using his. mike how cold is it? 20s east bay valleys, 30s and 40s for the rest of us by the afternoon we'll top out in the mid to upper 50s increasing clouds, also
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increasing temperatures today. as far as what is going on with the entire state, starting to see our next system push into the northern sections of the state, you can see rain and snow at higher elevations in the 50s in central valley, heading to tahoe you got that get there today, 6:00 tomorrow morning through 4:00 monday morning, two to five feet of snow possible and whiteout macarthur maze everything is flowing smoothly from the east on 580, 880 from the sought and 80 westbound entrance to the bay bridge toll, very light, no problems and no metering lights at this hour. 3?b2p)uz fremont north 880 at stevenson, that accident just cleared, traffic getting by fine now. roadwork northbound 880 hesperian to washington until
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6:00 this morning. san francisco is moving ahead with a plan to keep walkers safer on streets. mayor lee unveiled his plan that aims to reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities by 25% within four years. to do that crosswalks will be upgraded speed limits around &hc% miles per hour and more red light cameras. >> if we could ask anything of the walking public, we are all in love with our devices, as we walk we need to be mindful of where we are walking and paying attention. >> police department will target the intersections with the five highest accident totals in each district, 19 people have been killed on san francisco streets this year, surpasses last year's total. nationwide search on this morning for a woman who authorities say produces child pornography. look at these disturbing photos, the woman is accused
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of producing a video inñ9>f whih she engages in sexual conduct with a four to 5-year-old, she wears a distinctive ring. investigators say they were tipped off by danish police. they believe the woman lives in the u.s.. new survey out this morning says more teenagers are smoking marijuana they don't think it is harmful to them. according to researchers, 6 1/2% of senior -- high school seniors say they smoke pot daily, 10th graders 3 1/2%, closer to 1% among 8 graders. fewer teens are using other drugs such as ecstasy and vicodin to get high. santa's workshop in the south bay helping young kids they need more elves. how you can help put smiles on faces. early holiday gift for drivers. we'll tell you how low gas prices are expected to go in the next few weeks.
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thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. the weather the big story. >> so cold it wasxxpe hard get t of bed this morning. good morning mike. good morning. clouds keeping temperatures up in the north bay not as cold there as it was yesterday. radar returns that is the radar hitting the rain that is in the clouds, not falling to the ground right now. let's talk about temperatures who is cooler this morning? an

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